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How to write a press release is a 3 minute read.

Do you need to get a message out to the press? Then the chances are, you’re wondering how to write a press release.

Press releases can be a cost-effective way of communicating your big news. Perhaps you’ve just launched a new product or service. Maybe you’re working in a field that has great news stories that just aren’t being covered. Or maybe you want to say something about an issue that has been bubbling away in the news media. Whatever your reason, knowing how to write a press release can save you money and time.

Here’s where to start:

● A headline that turns heads
The first sentence that your audience reads must grab and focus your reader’s attention. Use action words – in clear, understandable language – and keep your headline simple and short (search engines such as Google prefer one sentence).

● Get straight to the point
Reporters, analysts, influencers and followers don’t have the time to read through lengthy press releases, so you need to get your message across quickly. The first paragraph of your press release should include basic details of the who, what, where, why and how of your message.

Give them something to work with
Choose one or two key figures within your organisation and record some quotes to include when you write your press release. These will establish context and credibility around your announcement and provide useful content for your audience.

● Set the background
Strengthen your message by adding some extra, but not new, information in the last paragraph of your press release. There might have been an interesting way that the development came about or a noteworthy connection to another subject of interest.

● Wrap it up the right way
The aim is to write a press release that can be easily referenced and encourages your audience to share it with confidence. Use plain English, include your contact details and webpage early on, and be clear about what your business does.

What’s next?
If you’d like to a professional press release written for you, contact the Affect Media team today.

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