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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a way of sharing and publishing informative content online without pushing for a hard sell. It’s proven to be a great way to convert prospects into clients by building brand reputation and trust.

The type of content that your organisation chooses to share should ideally be connected to the services and products that you sell. Put simply, good content marketing is about educating people on a topic that you know a lot about. For example, if you are a Melbourne company who supplies local cafés with takeaway cups, you might have our agency write a blog about the history of coffee drinking in Melbourne, or create a tutorial video on how to make the perfect latte.

For this type of marketing, you can use articles, videos, podcasts, blogs and whitepapers to spread the word about how awesome your organisation or service is.

Who uses it?

Businesses of all sizes use this marketing strategy. Big names such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems use it, as do lesser known Melbourne startups looking to increase their online visibility. This style of content has a special place in industries such as healthcare and education where visitors are actively looking for clear, informative content.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Quality Content

At Affect Media, we create powerful content that is especially designed to get the ‘wow’ factor from your readers. Content from our agency helps you create and showcase the personality behind your brand. It also helps you stand out as a valued thought leader in your field. Depending on your needs, you are welcome to have as little or as much input into the content creation process as you wish.

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Confused about content marketing? Check out this helpful video from Google. It explains how good content can help you rank better in search engines!

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