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Health communication plays a vital role in the delivery of person-centred care. Clear communication is the foundation for understanding patients’ needs. It also helps to build trust and can encourage patients to actively participate in their own care. At Affect Media, we help healthcare organisations with the following aspects of health communication:

Admission and Discharge Planning

Your patients need clear information about admission and discharge processes. Many patients also need reminders about practical things such as ensuring they have someone to drive them home and how long they may need assistance. Reading large amounts of text can be difficult for many patients and their families. At Affect Media, we know how to communicate this information clearly.

Communicating with Older Patients

Many older patients have specific communication needs. Some don’t use email, smartphones, or computers, and others have issues such as cognitive decline or hearing loss. When we communicate with older patients, we consider these issues.

Understanding Cultural Diversity

Understanding cultural diversity is an important part of health communication. From communicating with indigenous, CALD and LGBTQ+ communities through to understanding how age, nationality and gender affect health literacy, we have the expertise and understanding to get it right. Over the years, we have worked with many organisations to communicate important health information to Australia’s culturally diverse population.

Patient Education:

Educating patients and their families about a particular health condition requires skill and attention to detail. We regularly work with health and medical organisations to produce patient information materials that clearly explain medical conditions and their treatments. We write with empathy and accuracy to ensure that patients feel seen and supported in their healthcare journey.

Team and Stakeholder Communication:

Clear team communication is vital to great healthcare. Whether you need a regular newsletter, email schedule, or change management collateral, we can help.

Staff training

Do your staff need assistance with clear communication training? We offer comprehensive communication training for organisations of all sizes. We can come to you or create an entire training package online!

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