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70% of Australians look for health information online. Will you be there to meet them?

Digital marketing for healthcare has changed the way everyday Australians interact with health information. Ensuring you have the right tools to connect with patients in their time of need is the first step towards better health outcomes. At Affect Media, we work with healthcare and medical organisations of all shapes and sizes to help them engage their target market.

Stay AHPRA Compliant

Our work complies with AHPRA‘s social media and advertising regulations.

Getting the wrong advice on digital health marketing can be costly. Don’t risk your health registration by following the advice of a marketing firm that doesn’t specialise in healthcare. At Affect Media, we understand the regulatory environment in which Australian health practitioners exist.

We help people make informed decisions about their health with quality information.



SOCIAL MEDIA _________________



PATIENT EDUCATION _________________

We use our digital marketing expertise to: 



  • Understand online healthcare conversations and find out what is important to your audience
  • Analyse and understand what is being said about a particular topic or service
  • Understand patient outcomes from their perspective
  • Discover the public sentiment towards your brand or company


  • Post and publish content on social media platforms
  • Provide patients with helpful information
  • Participate in global health conversations in real time


  • Engage your audience in meaningful conversations
  • Provide outstanding customer service based on what you learn
  • Take fundraising activities to the next level
  • Promote a health related event or condition

We know your market


90% of 18 -24 year olds will engage in health activities through social media


84% of Australian internet users look online for health information


75% of health consumers expect a response within a day or less

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