Newsletter writing

Newsletter writing

Need a newsletter writer? We have written hundreds of newsletters for dozens of organisations. How can we help you?

Company newsletters are a valuable marketing tool. They build loyalty with customers and can keep a diverse group of employees and stakeholders up to date with company news and events. For some companies, hardcopy newsletters that can be picked up or posted are an excellent option. For others, an e-newsletter format suits better. Wondering which type of newsletter is right for your business? Why not give us a call and find out!

Why have a company or personal newsletter?

Let’s pause for a moment and think about why customers buy your products or use your service. Is it because you are the cheapest? Or the fastest? Probably not. Research shows that customers choose their suppliers based on trust and loyalty. Having a regular newsletter that updates customers of your news, events, or sales, is an ideal way to build trust. It’s a way of staying in contact with your customers, and it puts your business name in front of them on a regular basis.

Hardcopy Newsletters

Many organisations rely on hardcopy newsletters or magazines to communicate their news. For some organisations, like hospitals or health insurers, this decision comes down to understanding what their audience wants. Despite today’s digital technologies, some audiences just prefer a glossy newsletter that they can hold. Others are simply not computer-savvy and don’t respond to an email communication. Identifying the right newsletter format really comes down to understanding who you are writing for and what they want.


For many businesses, e-newsletters have become an important part of content marketing. By emailing a newsletter, it is possible to reap all the benefits of a traditional hard copy newsletter, while saving on the costs of printing and postage. E-newsletters are also a brilliant way of channeling traffic to your website.

What can a good newsletter do for you?

A strong newsletter is one that provides timely news and information that your audience are interested in. When written properly, a newsletter can help you to:

  • Stay in contact with current customers
  • Build your brand
  • Introduce your company to new prospects
  • Promote new products and special offers
  • Position your business as a thought-leader in a particular area

Still unsure? Here are 8 signs you need a newsletter copywriter:

  • You are not getting a return on investment for your existing newsletter
  • Less than 5 percent of your email subscribers opened your last e-newsletter
  • You want to increase your click through rate for your e-newsletter
  • Your newsletter is put together on Microsoft Word and looks dreadful
  • Your staff don’t have time to create new and engaging newsletter content
  • Your team just don’t know where to start with a newsletter
  • Your last newsletter was grammatically incorrect and full of spelling errors
  • You don’t like to write / you’re not a confident writer.


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