Market research for health and education

At Affect Media, we conduct market research for some of Australia’s leading health and education organisations. From not for profits, through to government departments and private enterprise, we help our clients to understand what matters to their end-users and stakeholders.

Why is research important?

Effective research is the cornerstone of all successful marketing and communications outputs. It helps you to identify the values and motivations behind your target audience, and better understand how to motivate change or action. Here’s what the Australian Government has to say about it.

Who needs research?

Almost all organisations can benefit from industry research. Having a superior understanding of your target audience and how to directly engage them makes marketing and communications processes easier and more efficient.

Over the years, we’ve worked on research projects which have helped to determine:

  • How to motivate charitable donations
  • How to better engage with stakeholders and members
  • How to engage students in the higher education landscape
  • How to target individuals from CALD and indigenous backgrounds
  • How to communicate with terminally ill people and their families
  • How to understand family feedback in disability care settings

Market research for education

Engaging and attracting students requires a strong knowledge of the Australian education market. We regularly run research projects for schools, RTOs and Higher Education providers seeking to better understand their key audiences.

Market research for healthcare

Research plays an important role in healthcare. Whether you’re running a public health campaign, looking to engage government support and funding, or simply wanting to better understand the patient journey, our research can help.




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