What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are audio recordings which are saved as multimedia digital files. Once recorded, these files are placed onto a website and made available for downloading to portable media players, computers, and similar devices.

Our podcasts

Over the past few years we’ve been proud to partner with some of Melbourne’s leading sound engineers to produce powerful and insightful podcasts.

What can podcasts do for my organisation?

Adding a podcast to your regular media mix is a great way to engage your audience and bring a breath of fresh air to your content. This is especially the case for organisations who want to engage with new clients quickly and easily. Curiously, while some industries tend to shy away from podcasting, it is one of the most affordable, immediate and effective forms of client enagagement.
A big advantage of podcasts is that, like radio, they utilise the intimate sense of hearing to communicate with a target market. Here are 5 quick benefits of podcasting:
1. Boost your SEO (get found on google) and enhance your social media mix
2. Make your information personal
3. Provide portable information – accessible on iphones, ipads, and most portable internet devices
4. Cost reduction – Podcasts are delivered digitally, so they’re a lot cheaper to maintain than printed materials
5. Provide time-efficient information – listeners can chose when and how to access your information.

What can be a podcast?

With a little care and some careful editing, virtually any peice of content can be transformed into a podcast. Here are a few ideas:
• delegate conference presentations
• customer interviews
• expert interviews on specialised topics
• patient interviews
• debates
• product reviews

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