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Take the pain out of annual reports with Affect Media’s report writing and design service.

As skilled business communications professionals, we understand how to structure, write and design your annual report. We can start from scratch or pick up your project part way through. We can also work with your existing in-house team to get your annual report across the line.

Why use an annual report writing service?

Put simply, we save you time and money. Preparing an annual report requires time and effort. It requires strong co-ordination and organisational skills to pull the right information together. It also requires excellent business writing skills to get your message across to stakeholders.

Reduce your workload

Even large organisations with dedicated communications teams find that their internal resources become stretched during annual report writing time. Using a professional copywriter to alleviate the workload frees your team to work on other business development initiatives.

Avoid costly mistakes

Some organisations worry about the cost of hiring a professional copywriter to prepare their annual reports. In truth, we’re more affordable than many people realise – and we don’t make rookie mistakes. Leaving your annual report development to someone without experience can chew up serious time and money. We’ve seen organisations spend tens of thousands of dollars on ‘design corrections’ and ‘editorial changes’, which could have been easily avoided had an experienced communications professional been at the helm.

Showcase your people

Your people make your business, and your annual report is the perfect opportunity to showcase your people and their talent. Celebrating staff achievements lets your team know that they are not just another face in the office. If you have top performers, take the opportunity to profile them in your annual report. They want to be recognised and acknowledged!

Stay on track and on budget

Outsourcing your annual report is a great way to stay on track and on budget. At Affect Media we are usually able to offer a fixed price fee for our services. This means that you can allocate your budget without fear of it blowing out down the track.

Ensure accuracy of information

Aside from being professional business writers, we are also skilled at interpreting key business data and reporting on it. Your annual report is a critical business document and as such, accuracy of information is paramount.

Make your business stand out

Your annual report is your opportunity to make your business stand out. It’s your chance to tell your story, and really drive home the key points that make your business and its achievements unique. At Affect Media, we are committed to delivering only the highest quality business reports. For this reason, we don’t employ junior writers or designers. Our work is efficient, accurate and professional.

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