Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

Persuasive copy for humans and search engines.

Does your website have what it takes? Don’t be let down by sloppy web content and a poorly structured website. At Affect Media, we help organisations of all sizes to:

• Increase sales
• Drive traffic to your website
• Inform customers and end users of your products and services
• Deliver your messages to the people you want to hear them

Looking for an excellent SEO Website Copywriting Service?

When it comes to getting found on search engines like Google and Bing, it’s vital that you include the correct key words in your web content. A fancy looking website and social media page is certainly nice, but if you’re not using the right keywords in your web copy, you’re ultimately not reaching the thousands of people who are looking for your services every day.

What can a good website copywriter do for your business?

Good quality web content pushes your business or organisation into the limelight. It does this by telling your visitors that you have the goods or services that they are searching for, and by telling search engines what your website is all about.

A good website copywriter does a lot more than just write content for your website. They also help you to:

  • Identify the long and short tail keywords for your industry
  • Identify keyword marketing opportunities
  • Conduct an online competitor analysis
  • Sort out your website content and order it logically
  • Label your content and pages in a way that makes sense to customers and search engines
  • Identify areas of weakness in your website and offer suggestions for improvement.

When you work with an Affect Media website copywriter, you get the following services as standard:

Keyword research -We help you to identify the major keywords of your industry and become competitive for those terms. We also help you find important long-tail keywords that will rank faster, with fewer competitors.

Content structure – We can sort out your website content  so customers and search engines can find information quickly

Define Meta Titles – We define and create meta titles for each web page. Search engines use meta titles to determine what your page is about and rank it accordingly

Clear Meta Description -We create a clear meta description for each page. Meta descriptions are the snippets of text that appear under search results in Google.

H1 Tags  –  We write appealing H1 tags that appeal to humans as well as search engines.

Page Content
– We create compelling page content that includes the appropriate keywords, is the correct length for search engines and has a clear call to action for your visitors.

Web Content Service and Advice

We are pleased to offer assistance and professional advice on the following topics:

  • Website design and structure
  • Web content
  • Visitor tracking
  • Social media presence and monitoring
  • Search Engine Optimisation


Would you like a website consultation? Our web consulting sessions are available Australia-wide and can happen in person, via phone, email or Skype.

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