Business Letter Format, a quick how to, is a 1 minute read.

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Are you writing a business letter and feel unsure about how to format it? let’s take a moment to work through some of the basic elements of a standard business letter format. I’ve presented them here as a check-list to keep you on track.

  • Use a block format which keeps all of your writing in line with the left margin
  • Keep a 2.5cm (1″) margin of white space around your letter on all sides
  • Add an extra line between the sender address and the date
  • Add another line between the date and the recipient address
  • If you are not sure of the name of the person that you are sending the letter to, you can leave it blank, but add in their job title. For example, ‘Director of Marketing and Communications’
  • Don’t forget to pop in a colon after the opening salutation, so that it looks like this; Dear Mr Jones:
  • Make sure your subject line summarises the purpose of the letter
  • Keep the main paragraphs of your letter clear and simple.
  • Use single spacing for your paragraphs with an extra line in between  each one
  • Add 3-4 lines between your salutation i.e., ‘Sincerely’ and your name. This will leave enough room for your signature.
  • If you’re adding extra documents as enclosures, be sure to note them in the Enclosures section of the letter at the end (see our sample)

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