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SEO (Search Engine Optimised)  copywriting has changed a lot over the years. Where once, creating strong SEO website content was as simple as making sure you had the right keywords on your page, today’s SEO copywriters are under new pressure to produce content that other people want to link to and share on social media.

In fact, today, the real job of a good SEO copywriter is to help your organisation build trust with your target audience. Building trust through great SEO content encourages your audience to share and return to your pages, which in turn, helps your pages rank well on search engines.

At Affect Media, our experienced website copywriters are committed to creating only the highest quality website content. As an established public relations and copywriting agency, we work on SEO copywriting projects of all shapes and sizes. From large, multi-page health websites, through to small business websites, we understand the need for clear, engaging content that gets people talking.

What do SEO Copywriters do?

Whether you’re business in international, or based here in Melbourne, the basis of SEO copywriting is the same. Writing effective SEO content involves understanding your target audience, and what’s important to them. It also involves conducting careful keyword research and competitor analysis reviews.

Understanding what your target market is searching for online and how they use the information you give them is also crucial.

Effective SEO copwriting blends advanced understandings of search engines, public relations and social media with powerful copwriting skills. When done properly, good SEO copy draws your audience to your pages and keeps them coming back time and again.

SEO Copywriting Services

The team at Affect Media are pleased to offer a comprehensive SEO copywriting services, including:

  • Customised SEO reports
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Content dissemination

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