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Grow your Practice

Spread the word about your practice and stay top of mind for referrers.

Launch a Health Campaign

Launch a health campaign, watch it grow and then track its success.

Connect with Medical Professionals

Stay connected to other medical professionals for referrals and resources

Create Health Education Materials

Create world-class health education materials that change how people live, work and play.


Raise your Public Profile

Raise your public profile with media engagements, articles, and interviews.

Improve your Engagement

Improve engagement from your membership base with clearer, better targeted information.

Some of our clients

Medical Marketing Specialists

Affect Media provides world-class medical marketing and communications services to Australia’s diverse medical and healthcare sectors. Our consultants are known and trusted by several leading medical and healthcare brands, and we are regularly invited to take part in thought leadership conferences, lectures, and industry workshops.

We understand compliance guidelines

As specialists in the field, we understand the strict compliance guidelines that health professionals must adhere to. We know how to work in with key compliance documents such as AHPRA’s Advertising Guidelines and the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, which means that we won’t make marketing suggestions that are likely to land you in trouble.

And we understand people

We know how to connect with different audience groups and we know how to talk to them. Whether you want to communicate with surgeons, referring doctors, patients, allied health professionals or a mix of all of these, we know how to reach each group appropriately.


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