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What is a Press Release?

‘What is a press release?’ is a question that every business owner should know the answer to! In fact, if you’re in business and want to communicate genuine news about your products, services, or industry, a press release can potentially save you thousands of dollars in advertising.

A press release is a written announcement about an event, development or some other occurrence within your business. The purpose is to attract attention, (from reporters, analysts, influencers or followers), and encourage them to pass your message on.

It is usually a simple, one-page notification that tells journalists and stakeholders the quick facts about your news and how they can get in contact with you.

Good reasons for a Press Release
The main purpose of a press release is to share important news. However, it’s not just a marketing tool. Your press release should address something that is really newsworthy. It needs to be significant and specific, and it will need to be written in a certain format. Typically, businesses and organisations will use a press release to:

  • Tell the media about a development or event, and encourage them to pass that message on
  • Let the media know exciting news about a business or organisation
  • Increase a business’ visibility on in different media forms

Not so good reasons for a Press Release
It’s important to remember that journalists and media writers receive dozens of emails everyday. So if you’re going to write a press release, it needs to have newsworthy value. Don’t simply try to dress up sales copy as a press release. Really think about whether what you have to say will be of genuine interest to others.

How to write a Press Release
Your press release should include important information such as contact details and the who, what, where, why and how of your message. It should also be interesting, designed to grab the audience’s attention, so they are compelled to share your information.

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Remember to include quotes from key figures within your organisation and noteworthy connections to current events or topics, if they apply. You need to be honest, however, and only provide information that is true and correct. Your audience will check up on the facts presented.

What’s next?

If you don’t have the time or the expertise to write a press release yourself, we offer a full press release writing and distribution service. Talk to us today to find out more.


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