Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services

Affect Media is an experienced PR company with a long list of established media contacts. How can we help you today?

Discover the benefits of working with a professional public relations company. The Affect Media team have experience working across a range of Public Relations Services. We’ve worked for local and international companies of all sizes. We’ve also worked in crisis communications and have experience in handling sensitive issues with the media.

As a hybrid agency that also offers digital and content creation services, we’re proud of our strong PR focus. In fact, we consider it to be at the core of all we do. Regardless of your project, our priority is always the successful promotion of your company or organisation.

All Affect Media writers are Australian university graduates with a passion for media, public relations, content creation and marketing. We don’t engage junior writers to work on our projects and we have an outstanding track record of helping organisations get the media coverage they desire.



What are Public Relations Services?

Public relations services are a group of services that are specifically designed to improve communication between an organisation, its stakeholders and the public. While these services can take a number of different approaches, the overall intent is to promote a favourable relationship with the public and portray the desired image of the organisation.

Typical public relations services include communicating with the general public, engaging with employees and investors, building a good rapport with customers and connecting your good news stories to the journalists who want to write about them.

Unlike advertising, Public Relations campaigns typically aim to expose a business or organisation to the public through good-news stories and public interest items rather than paid ads.

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