Health Booklet Copywriting
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Health Booklet Copywriting – Chemmart Pharmacy

The client
Chemmart is Australia’s leading wellbeing pharmacy and operates close to 300 stores throughout Australia.

The project

The creation of 24 wellbeing booklets for distribution within Chemmart pharmacies. Each wellbeing booklet was dedicated to a specific health topic such as eczema, asthma, first aid, skin care, pain relief,  and prostate health.

The challenge

 Create clear, easy to understand content aimed at a 14 year old literacy level.

 Research and collate up to date health information from leading Australian authorities on selected health topics

The outcome

 A series of clear, concise health information booklets for distribution in national pharmacies

〉 Public health education on common healthcare problems

〉 Progression of Chemmart’s ‘Look After Yourself Better’ marketing message.


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