Internal Communication

What is Internal Communications?

The term Internal Communications refers to process of initiating clear and effective communication between employers, employees and participants within an organisation. As a specialist field in it’s own right, internal communications draws on the theory and practice of several disciplines, including journalism, knowledge management, public relations, media relations and marketing. At a theoretical level, internal communications finds inspiration in the well established fields of communications theory, social psychology and organisational studies.

In practice, organisations with poor internal communications typically suffer from poor staff retention, poor problem solving initiatives, poor customer service and a lack of team cohesion.

What do we do?

At Affect Media we help organisations to strengthen their work-place culture. We do this by working directly with employers, we create clear, comprehensive communications campaigns that reinforce core company values and improve productivity.

Typical internal communications tools include: newsletters, intranet platforms, social media activities and staff forums. Using these and other strategies, we help organisations to create a proactive internal communications culture that engages the interest of employees and internal stakeholders.

The benefits

1. Increased workplace productivity

2. Ability to be proactive about problems or crisies

3. Improved employee retention

4. Empowered and engaged employees

5. Improved workplace understanding of core values and organisational purpose.

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