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How to get more medical referrals is a 3 minute read.

Are you thinking about how to get more medical referrals to your practice?  Every medical specialist knows that the key to maintaining a client base lies in consistent patient referrals. In the past, referrals might have arrived via word-of-mouth, or existing colleague relationships. With new technology and increased competition, however, it is no longer as simple as ‘who you know’. To maximise patient referrals, we recommend the following:

Keep a record of referrer contacts
Create a database about your current and potential referral sources, including the individual doctor, key staff members and name of the medical practice. Be sure to record their contact information, interests and their expectations when making a referral. A good system will record the frequency of contact, and file copies of correspondence between you and the referrer.

Ask the right questions
Asking questions is an important way to get more medical referrals. You must ask your referrer about what they are looking for in a medical specialist. Find out how they would prefer you take care of their patients, of course this would include first-class clinical care, but they may have another answer that might surprise you. These details should then be recorded in your referrer database.

Develop a service plan
Once you have an idea of what your referrers are seeking, prepare a plan to provide them what they need. This might include: prompt appointments for their referred patients brief (or detailed) reports about patient care confirmation calls another service that is valued by your referrer This plan can be individualised for each referrer, and revisited for updates over time.

Establish goals and objectives
It is important to have measurable goals if you are to increase and maintain your patient referrals. These might be a certain number of referrals within a time period, and/or from a particular referrer. You should prepare regular reports that assess what works and what doesn’t, so you can adjust your services accordingly.

Get some help with marketing
Tailoring your services to the needs of your patients and referrers might not be enough to maintain a steady client intake. Many medical specialists are realising that they need to step it up to compete in their field. One way that you can distinguish yourself from the others is to engage a media professional to assist with your marketing.

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