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Why content marketing makes sense for healthcare is a 3 minute read.

Content marketing is a fairly new addition to healthcare. It’s a great way to keep existing patients engaged while also attracting new people to your service. If you’re not already using it, here are 5 quick ideas for getting your content marketing for healthcare on track.

What is content marketing?
In its simplest form content marketing involves the creation of fresh, informative content which communicates with new clients without providing a hard sell or cheesy sales pitch.
For professionals working in the health services industry, content marketing is a great marketing option. It lets you showcase your knowledge and it helps you build your reputation as an expert in your field.

Does it work?
Yes. Content marketing works because it gives something back to the reader in return for their time and attention. In today’s media saturated environment, many consumers have shut off to traditional marketing and are increasingly turning to ‘Dr Google’ for information. While a flyer in the letter box is a fine idea for some organisations, the creation of well-informed, meaningful online content is often a much more effective way of getting your services noticed.

Add to this the recent change to Google algorithms which clearly privilege relevant content, and content marketing can be a recipe for success. In fact, over the past few years large companies such as Cisco Systems, Proctor and Gamble and Microsoft have all turned to content marketing to attract new customers. And the great news is, smaller business are having great success at this too.
How can you use content marketing?

The most important part of content marketing is the creation of content that is valuable to your patients and those who care for them. You can place this content on your website, blog or newsletter and use social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to broaden your reach. Here are a few content ideas to get you started:

1. Practice updates
Create a quick update for your patients on important topics such as new staff, key practice areas, opening times and newly added services. It’s likely that many of your patients won’t understand the breadth of services you offer.

2. Topics of interest
Writing content on key topics of interest for your patients can be invaluable. For example, if you’re an osteopath and many of your patients present with football injuries during football season, why not write a short piece about how to prevent injuries on the football field? Or when to apply heat packs? Alternatively, if you’re a dietician and the holiday season is approaching, you might want to think about writing articles on healthy eating options during the festive season. The options are almost endless.

3. Newsworthy issues
Writing up to date, newsworthy content on topics that matter to your audience is a great way to engage both new and existing patients. Perhaps you can comment on new medical research findings, or government funding changes and how they will impact on patients. Tapping into newsworthy issues is a great opportunity to put your point of view forward.

4. FAQs
It’s likely that the staff in your clinic get asked the same questions over and over again. Creating a frequently asked questions page gives you an opportunity to answer these questions in depth.

5. Specific Health Topics
What are the top 10 patient conditions that you treat in your clinic? Take some time to think about your patients and their concerns. Why not write a short blog about each one of these conditions and suggest that patients schedule a time to see you for treatment? Remember to keep your language simple and clear.

Content marketing for healthcare is a great way to engage your target audience. If you feel that content marketing is right for your business but you don’t have the time to write the content yourself, you can always engage the skills of a specialised health copywriter.

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