Marketing Guidelines from the Australian Skills Quality Authority

If you are in charge of marketing for an Australian based Registered Training Organisation, then the chances are, you’ve heard of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

ASQA is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. It regulates courses and training providers to make sure that nationally approved quality standards are met.

ASQA also sets the requirements for how Registered Training Organisations market or advertise themselves across different media forms.

You can find a full version of the ASQA regulations and a list of frequently asked questions on their website, however the top-level information you need to remember is this:

  • Your RTO must honour all commitments made in any marketing or advertising materials.
  • All information on any advertising or marketing material referring to your RTO and training and assessment must be accurate.
  • Advertising and marketing material provided by your RTO—or a third party on your behalf—must include the registration code of your RTO

Remember, in addition to these guidelines, your RTO is also subject to all relevant consumer protection laws that apply where you operate.

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